If you like to work out in a group then, dancing is one of the best options. Everyone has their own passion for exercise. From the year 2001 Zumba fitness is taking over gym as an alternative to aerobic exercise. Dancing is a great way to burn tons of calories.  A vigorous dancing for continuously 30 minutes burns up to 255 to 275 calories.

How often you need to work out when you choose dancing as an exercise. Answer is for an hour, three to four days in a week will help to get rid of those extra pounds form the body. In a study conducted on people who chose aerobic dance it showed that within six months of dancing many have shed extra pounds and became fit and lean.

Dancing energizes both body and mind. It makes people happy. When mind is relaxed, we have a tendency to enjoy what we do and keep us focused. Dancing in a group spreads joy and keeps people challenged and motivated. Apart from this, while dancing people sweat a lot as it is more aerobic. This removes those toxins from the body resulting in healthy skin and overall good health! Aerobic dance builds coordination and endurance, sometimes with high impact movements or complicated footwork that may frustrate some exercisers. Per hour one can burn up to 500 calories. Try zumba, bollywood dance, hip hop, country dance, latin dance, traditional dances…, see which one you like and burn those extra calories.

Image: Madhuri Dixit, bollywood actress in Aaja Naachle, http://www.searchindia.com/

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 24, 2015

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