How To Cope With Leaking Bladder?

How to cope up with leaking urine?

Even after treatment, some women still leak urine from time to time. Certain products can help women cope with leaking urine:

  • Pads: Women can wear disposable pads in their underwear to absorb leaking urine.
  • Adult Diapers: A woman can wear an adult diaper to keep her clothes dry.
  • Waterproof Underwear: Waterproof underwear can protect clothes from getting wet.
  • Disposable Pads: Disposable pads can be used to protect chairs and beds from urine.
  • Special skin cleaners and creams: Special skin cleaners and creams may help the skin around the urethra from becoming irritated. Creams can help block urine from skin.
  • Urine Deodorizing Tablets: A woman should talk with a health care professional about whether urine deodorizing tablets can make her urine smell less strongly.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 12, 2017

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