Consequence of poor posture

Consequence of poor posture

Factors like stress, body weight, obesity, pregnancy, weak postural muscle, abnormally tight muscles, high heeled shoes, continuous standing or sitting leads to poor posture. Unsupported and poor working environment, unhealthy sitting or standing habits are other reasons for bad posture.

Poor and bad posture puts strain on muscles, muscle injury and back pain. It results in shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, swelling in legs, pain in joints and hands.

How to correct body posture?

Understanding how to correct posture, by knowing what posture is correct will help us to correct our posture consciously. Practicing correct posture for standing, sitting and lying down will gradually replaces the old habits. Correcting these three – sitting, standing and lying postures helps us to get rid of all those stress and pain from body

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 1, 2019

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