Ceramic stoneware cookware

Ceramic, enamel, stoneware and glass

Ceramic, enamel, stoneware and glass cookware safety

One of the first thing we notice when we see ceramic cookware is its design and appearance. Ceramic also known as pottery product is easy to be cleaned and can be used for heating food at fairly high temperature. Ceramic vessels are glazed (or enameled) and glazing help to form a glass that resists corrosion and wear. Advantage of ceramic cookware is, it distributes heat evenly and foods does not burn easily. It is a poor heat conductor.  It is somewhat like cast-iron pots in terms of heat distribution. Unlike cast iron it does not need to be seasoned before using.

Ceramic surface does not corrode and does not require polishing like copper vessels. Enameled ceramic cookware generally has a cast ion center with enamel coating on it. It gives a glass/porcelain glaze that protects material from chipping unlike the clay ceramic. Ceramic cookware is very easy to clean. Glazed ceramics and glassware are regulated in many countries. It cannot be sold, advertised and imported because the enamel releases lead and cadmium in trace amounts. Both lead and cadmium can cause harmful effect on health.

Stoneware is nothing but fired clay, it is nonporous and nonabsorbent. It is hard, brittle and impermeable. Both water and air cannot fully penetrate through material. Earthenware is not impermeable. Liquids can get in eventually and should not be used for daily cooking purpose. Porcelain is high grade stoneware made of kaolin clay. It is durable than stoneware and nonporous, nonabsorbent and translucent.

Ceramic, glass, enamel are poor choices for stovetop cooking type. They all are brittle and can crack, chip and not for harsh use. If you have young kids, keep ceramic, glass cookware in kitchen cabinets safe without their reach.  Use them for parties and for guests on dinner table.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 29, 2019

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