Can our body be detoxed with liquids and tea?

Can our body be detoxed with liquids and tea?

No, it cannot be..

While liquid diet and drinking tea has advantage, and helps to lose weight, our body cannot be totally detoxed by drinking liquid or green tea.

We all are exposed to serious pesticides, pollutants, saturated fat, chemicals etc. in everyday life. Already our liver, kidneys, skin and digestive systems are helping us to detoxify the body.

Most of the toxic chemicals that we consume are broken down or excreted every day and within hours of consumption. If not, we would have been dead already! Our systems have built up such chemicals.

When it comes to some of the harsh chemicals it takes months, years to reduce the chemicals especially fat-soluble chemicals as dioxins and PCBs.

Detox might help one to clean system but it is not going to get rid of all chemicals that is sitting in the system for long.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 4, 2018

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  1. Green Tea packs an awesome package of many nutrients and antioxidants.But many people still don’t understand their benefits and spread myths about them.

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