Brace/Mobility Support Dogs (BMSD)

Brace/Mobility Support Dogs (BMSD)

Brace/Mobility Support Dogs (BMSD)

To provide bracing or counterbalancing a person who has balancing issue due to disability BMS Dogs are trained.

These dogs help in opening and closing doors, cabinets, lifting phones and assisting during emergency.

Handler can be of any age. These dogs wear a specially fitted and designed harness to help their partner.

These support dogs are large about 23” tall and 55 pounds weight, enough to support human partner.

They are strong enough to perform counterbalance/brace work efficiently and safely.

Service Dog: Diabetic Alert Dogs (DADs)

Blood sugar alert dogs or diabetic alert dogs signal their handle to fatally high and low blood sugar levels. They are often trained to use a special K-9 Alert phone for calling emergency number if their handler is not able to make a call.

Diabetic dogs handlers can be children and as well as adults. These dogs typically won’t wear any special gear but may wear a vest with emergency protocols.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 16, 2018

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