Anxiety and Fear of Flying

Anxiety and fear of flying

Turbulence is common during long journey. Many people are afraid of height and turbulence that disturbs the smooth flying. Fear flying is one of the most common phobia (after snakes and spiders!). What is happening around the world (war, hijacking, plane crash) etc. causes more nervousness.

Tip to overcome fear and anxiety during flying

  • Watch videos that explains what happens during turbulence. Get some education about aircraft.
  • Understand that air travel is still the safe travel amongst all travel means. Keep this in your mind and get courage.
  • Exercising, eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep reduces this fear.
  • Watch movies with sound on use head phone and try to get sleep during your travel. Talk to passengers. Read and listen to music player to distract yourself.
  • Practice breathing – Inhale and exhale. Focus on breath and calm down. Do not try to time your breath. Just breath gently – it helps.

Published by: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 14, 2017

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