Acerophobia - Fear of Sourness and Alliumphobia - Fear of Garlic

Acerophobia and Alliumphobia


Fear of citrus fruits like lemon, lime and vinegar and any type of sourness is acerophobia. They avoid all citrus fruits, grapefruit and pickles too. The taste of sour is what these people avoid.  Sometimes, when food spoil it tastes sour (like milk). The taste of sour reminds them spoiled or old food. Generally, sourness is liked by all up to some extent. People who suffer from this phobia find the sourness generally disgusting and puts them off. Lemons, limes, and vinegar are obviously avoided by those with this fear.

Sometimes the childhood traumatic events like forced by someone to eat sour fruit leads to develop the fear in the mind leading to development of Acerophobia in adulthood.


Allium refers to botanical name of garlic (genus). The extraordinary fear of garlic is alliumphobia! People who suffer from this phobia not only will be afraid of eating garlic, also a complete aversion to garlic bulb means whether the scent or the look of it can make them move away from wonderful herb. When they see garlic, they get panic attack and want to get rid of garlic from their sight. Their reactions look eccentric in close proximity of garlic.

People who suffer from alliumphobia may also avoid other plants that have pungent odors like onions, shallots or chives.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 19, 2018

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