Burning Online Ravan – Dussehra Celebrations with WerIndia

#BurningOnlineRavan – Dussehra celebrations

Do you want to take part in Navaratri celebrations and burn Ravan? Are you worried about polluting the environment and harming the pets? Do you want to be a part of the auspicious day – the day Ravan was killed by Lord Rama? Don’t know how? Here is an answer. Go online and burn Ravan online.

Burn #OnlineRavan

Visit https://werindia.com/campaigns/burning-online-ravan.php today and fulfill your wishes. We have many such Ravans around us. Our soldiers are constantly fighting for us and protecting the country. Do you want to support our troops and help them to eradicate evil this Dussehra? Here is a chance to show your support to Indian army.

Go online and burn #OnlineRavan with WeRIndia. You are not only burning Ravan, you are burning the evil. This is one of the best way to keep our country “swachh”, keep our culture and support our troops. Visit https://werindia.com/campaigns/burning-online-ravan.php and try it out to win exciting prizes!!

 Burn #OnlineRavan with WerIndia


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 26, 2017

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