Why Are Turkey’s Hair Transplants So Popular? A Brief Explanation

Why Are Turkey’s Hair Transplants So Popular? A Brief Explanation

Every year, hundreds of people travel to Turkey for a hair transplant. Back in 2015, Turkey’s hair transplant industry was worth more than $1 billion. In the years that have passed since, it has expanded even further. But why exactly is Turkey such a popular destination for hair transplants? Let’s find out.

Variety of Clinics
Many countries have only one or two hair restoration clinics. This means longer waiting lists and higher prices. Oftentimes patients are forced to go to a poorly-reviewed or unproven clinic simply because it is the only one available.
Turkey is home to hundreds of clinics. In Istanbul alone, there are more than 350 surgeries offering hair transplant procedures. Chief among them is the Vera Clinic. Arguably the most popular hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, the Vera Clinic boasts one of the finest teams of surgeons in the world.

Variety of Procedures
Certain hair restoration clinics do not provide certain procedures. In countries with a still-developing hair transplant industry, you may only be able to access FUT treatment.
In Turkey, a wide variety of hair transplant procedures are available. Most medical tourists choose follicular unit extraction (FUE). During FUE, individual hairs are taken from a donor site on the patient’s head and implanted into the receiver site. Although a series of small incisions are made in the scalp, FUE is relatively painless. Most people return to work just a week after the procedure.
Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is also available. FUT involves the removing of skin and hair from the donor site. The skin is cut into smaller portions and added to the receiver site. FUT hair transplants require a greater recovery period than FUE. Those who choose FUT over FUE usually do so as it is less expensive.
Many Turkish clinics also offer platelet-rich plasma treatment. PRP treatment is a non-surgical alternative to the procedures discussed above. To begin PRP, blood is drawn from the patient. Platelet-rich plasma is derived from the blood and then injected back into the patient. PRP
generally requires a number of sessions to be successful and so is more time-consuming than FUE or FUT.

When a hair transplant clinic has no competition, it’s pretty much free to charge whatever it chooses. Turkey’s hair transplant clinics are in constant competition with each other. To stay in business, they must promise impressive results at affordable rates.

Booking a Hair Transplant in Turkey
Most of Turkey’s hair transplant clinics require you to book a consultation before approving you for surgery. In your consultation, your surgeon will examine your scalp and identify a hair-bearing area which can act as the donor site. During the operation itself, hair will be transported from the donor site to the receiver site.
Many clinics provide their clients with generous postoperative care. Before you pay for a hotel or hostel, consult your clinic of choice. It may offer accommodation in the days before and after the procedure, easing your financial burden even further. For additional information on booking a hair transplant in Turkey, visit www.veraclinic.net/en.

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