Why People Undergo Plastic Surgery

Why People Undergo Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is particularly concerned with the restoration, enhancement, and maintenance of a man’s or a woman’s physical appearance through advanced surgical procedures and medical techniques. In America alone, there has been a rapid increase of about 446% of cosmetic surgeries for the last two decades. The technological advancement and expertise in plastic surgery have made the procedure safer and less evasive.

This, in turn, has improved recovery time as well as substantially lowering the cost of the cosmetic surgeries. Thus, more people have become more confident, less anxious, and readily willing to accept plastic surgery as the best option for enhancing their physical appearance.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive procedures

Two reasons primarily motivate the decision to undertake plastic surgery; that is, aesthetic and medical reasons. These two encompasses either reconstruction or cosmetic procedures.

Reconstruction surgeries— which include procedures such as;

      • Breast reduction and reconstruction,
      • Lymphedema treatment,
      • Skin cancer removal,
      • Scar revision,
      • Migraine surgery,
      • Tissue expansion,
      • Cleft Lip and Palate Repair,
      • Giant Nevi Removal, etc.

Cosmetics surgeries— which include procedures such as;

      • Body contouring,
      • Breast Augmentation,
      • Buttock Enhancement,
      • Arm Lift,
      • Body Lift,
      • Liposuction (Liposuction laser or ultrasound assisted),
      • Chin surgery,
      • Cheek Augmentation,
      • Tummy tuck,
      • Tattoo removal,
      • Thigh lift,
      • Virginal Rejuvenation,
      • Face Lift,
      • Eyelid Surgery,
      • Facial implants,
      • Laser Skin Resurfacing, etc.


Liposuction is an advanced cosmetic procedure that is done on your hips, thighs, face, belly, buttocks, arms, and back to improve on shape and for beauty enhancement. Orange County liposuction is done with other cosmetic surgeries such as tummy tucks, facelifts, and breast reductions to primarily get rid of excess fat that has become tough to get rid of through either diet, exercise or both.

Why Undergo Plastic Surgery

There is no question that Cosmetic surgery in Newport Beach is gaining popularity. Below are some of the reasons why more people are choosing to undergo plastic surgery:

As a source of greater confidence

Confidence is a key factor in how people from all walks of life live their lives. Plastic surgery is known to improve how people feel about themselves, bolster careers, and have a significant influence on how others view them. Plastic surgery is one of the best ways to increase confidence and improve lives in areas where one might be in need of a major boost.

As a way of reversing some of the signs of aging

Wrinkles, loss of collagen, sagging skins, etc., are signs of wear and tear as we age. The best way to reverse or get rid of such signs of aging is by undergoing plastic surgery. In fact, plastic surgery is the best option for looking and feeling young again.

Improve our genetic appearance

It’s impossible to control what body or shape we are born with. It’s among the unfortunate facts about life. While some people are born with a symmetrical face, others have a larger nose, protruding ears, sagging chin, and the list goes on. Luckily, plastic surgery is here to help you correct some parts of your physical appearance that you wish you hadn’t inherited from your parents.

Other reasons include;

      • As a way to smoothen out your skin,
      • As an option to correct functional problems such as functional rhinoplasty that fixes nasal breathing problems and eyelid surgery that improves vision,
      • Transforms your social and romantic life,
      • Boost your self-esteem,
      • Increase your job success,
      • Correcting a deformity,
      • Provide finishing touches after weight loss, and
      • Reconstructing a missing body part.

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