How To Wash Your Face Properly?

How To Wash Your Face Properly?

Washing your face on a daily basis is a natural habit of everyone as it serves as a quick method to remove dirt and oil from the top surface of the skin. It might look simple but washing your face is an art which one need to learn to keep their face healthy and resistant to acne.

It is important that you should wash your face before going to bed in the night as skin rejuvenate itself while you are having a good sleep. But people make a lot of mistakes while cleaning their face which leads to irritation and dryness.

The most common mistake people make while washing their face is cleaning it with hot water which often hampers the health of the skin. There are people, who resent from exfoliating their skin on a regular occasion and this negligence damages the top layer as well as inner tissues of the skin.

According to experts, people who wash their face in hurry damages their skin rather than helping it. If you wish to properly clean your skin and make them healthy and glowing, then you should the follow the steps mentioned down below. Here we have listed down the process to wash your face.

Step 1: Opting For the Appropriate Cleanser

Most of the people have the habit of cleaning their skin with regular water which is absolutely a futile method as dashing water directly on the face won’t remove any kind of bacteria. It is also a wrong move to clean your face with the body soap which you use directly on your body because they often carry bacteria which reaches the skin tissue.

It is a smart move to use an appropriate cleanser because it is efficient dirt, oil, fungus, sweat, irritation, etc. remover from the skin. The type of cleanser totally depends on your skin, and it always recommended to soft cleanser.

Step 2: Applying Cleansers Properly On the Face

Using solvents directly in the face might not spread the cleanser properly on the face because it gets deposited in certain areas. Rather you should mix the cleanser properly in the palm of your hand and then apply it on your skin. It serves as the most efficient way because it assists in activation and all the cleanser is correctly placed on the skin when you wash your face.

You can use cream cleanser as a viable choice because it maintains hydration level of the skin or you can even gel cleanser if you use a lot of makeup layers in your face. The main motto is to eliminate all the germs and rejuvenate the health of the skin. For men, it is imperative that it should reach the hairline on the skin.

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Step 3: Splashing Tepid Water

Splashing cold water to wash off the dirt from the skin is a good habit but using lukewarm water is far more effective. Lukewarm helps the skin to stress out because skin system gets activated. So after you splash water on your face, don’t rub your face with the towel rather you should dab your face because it will prevent stretching of the skin which will curb down wrinkle.

When washing your face with water, you should avoid using hot water because the temperature of the water will draw out the moisture from the skin and make it totally dry. It is hard to rejuvenate the skin to former position with the proper amount of moisture. Many experts recommend after you apply lukewarm water, you can also use cold water for final touch which will close down the pores.

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Step 4: Opting For Strategic Moves

It is important that you wash your face strategically because not every face has the same condition and skin types also differ due to the lifestyle of yours. The way you wash your face determines the health and glow of your skin so it wise to opt for strategic moves. Acne is a common problem that people faces, and it hit certain areas of the face. So you should first wash other areas and then wash the affected area so that it can remove all dirt, oil or sweat with ease. If you have acne, it always recommended opting for best acne face wash along with standard cleaning process.

Step 5: Using Gentle Moves While Washing

When you wash your face, you should opt for gentle methods rather than going hard on your facial skin. The facial skin is a delicate layer which needs to be cared with soft touches. You can use cotton along with toners to remove unwanted particles from your face. During exfoliation, you should use soft scrub to rip off dead skin cells, and you should exfoliate at least twice a week. While cleaner your face with towel never scratches your face rather, you should dab.

Step 6: Properly Rinsing After Washing

You should allot ample amount of time for both washing and rinsing your face because rinsing is as crucial as washing. Many of us have the habit rinsing our face in a quick manner, and due to this we often miss areas of our face. You should take the time to remove cleanser lying in your face, and if they are not removed, then it might cause a breakout.

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Step 7: Moisturizing At the End

Moisturizing is an important aspect, and it serves important criteria when you eager to wash your face properly. After properly washing your face, you should apply a decent moisturizer on your skin which returns the needed hydration on the top layer. Moisturizer not only provides the glow but also rejuvenates and protects the skin tissue.

Moisturizing your face at the end

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These critical steps should be followed if you are really looking for proper steps to wash your face.

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