6 Tips to Help Your Child Survive the Finals Week

6 Tips to Help Your Child Survive the Finals Week

Do you remember how stressful finals week at school is? It’s so difficult for a child to cope with all the important essays, projects, and final tests. Of course, you can’t study instead of your kid, but still, you can help him a lot.

Your major mission is to use all your love, care, and support to reduce the stress level. Check the following tips to achieve positive results and make your child happier.

Cook Healthy Meals

The finals week is always exhausting, and it’s important to make sure that your kid eats good food. When the brain deals with stress, it requires more nutritive elements. The experts say that even little changes in a diet can help to save the mental health of your child.

You should prepare healthy meals, which contain lots of vitamins and minerals. Oily fish, whole grains, broccoli, tomatoes, and eggs are always a great choice for a dinner. Consumption of this food improves concentration, focus, and brainpower as well as delays brain shrinkage.

Moreover, your kid should substitute junky food with wholesome snacks such as walnuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, and blackcurrants. They are delicious, so your child will not mind trying a new diet. These products will help him to reduce anxiety and stress, boost short-term memory, protect healthy brain function, and make mood better.

Offer Diversified Activities

Most of the parents wrongly believe that if a child wants to get A+ at final test, he should stay at his room and read course materials all day long. However, this approach doesn’t bear fruits in practice.

Human’s brain is not able to absorb new information 10 hours in a row. Children can learn more effectively if they will make little breaks every 2 hours. It’s crucially important to get distracted from the studying, let brain relax, and only then continue exam preparation.

So, if you want your child to survive the finals week, you should help him to takes his thoughts away from books and tests. You can ask him to take a dog for a walk, call his favorite cousin by phone, or play chess with you. Try to choose activities, which your child likes the most.

Encourage Physical Exercises

Stress level rises dramatically during the finals week and it’s really bad for the mental health of your child. If you want to make sure that your kid will get through the tough times, you should motivate him to exercise regularly.

Parents make a big mistake when they don’t allow attending fitness classes or play baseball because they believe that sport distracts from studying. Vice versa, these kinds of physical activities help to reduce the stress level and make mind and body work more effectively.

So, if your son or daughter is an athlete, he/she shouldn’t quit training during the finals week. If your child is not sporty at all, you should encourage him to make at least a few exercises at home every day. Also, you can invite him to go jogging together.

Motivate Your Child

Finals week put pressure on a child and makes him want to quit studying. Sometimes, students lose their motivation and don’t want to prepare for exams. However, good grades are really important for the future of your kid, so you should find a way to encourage him to keep learning.

For example, you can promise your child to have a road trip and visit the places he was dreaming about. Or you can take him to a shopping mall and choose a present, which you will buy when the finals week will end. You should show your child a “carrot”, which will motivate him to study hard and get higher grades.

However, you should set realistic goals and expectations. A student should clearly understand that a mission to get a prize is possible. If your child usually demonstrates C-level results then goal for a final exam should be realistic B, not fantastic A+.

Get Academic Assistance

Your child has a lot of the assignments and tests during the finals week and sometimes it’s simply impossible to complete all tasks on time. So, it’s important to set priorities and focus attention on the most important subjects.

You, as a parent, should help your child in the way you can. For example, if your son has already written a great essay, you can assist him with proofreading. But if you are not sure that you can provide adequate support, you should better check essay editing service reviews and find a specialist who can help.

It’s ok if you will improve the papers written by him. This is a little trick, which will let you kid get better grades while experiencing less stress.

Establish Healthy Sleep Habits

If your child doesn’t sleep well at nights, he can’t study well. Poor sleep habits harm the brain and make it work slower. It worsens the memory, focus and concentration functions.

So, you shouldn’t allow your kid to stay up late, whether he prepares for the final exams or plays computer games. He should go to bed before 11 p.m. every day. If he needs to finish his essay, he should wake up earlier in the morning to complete this task.

Moreover, you should make sure that your son or daughter doesn’t use social networks for one hour before sleep and during a half an hour after wake up. It’s a really bad habit because social media overloads the brain with tons of useless information. It’s much better to leave this place in the head for new knowledge.

In Conclusion

The finals week is not about the exam preparation only. So please, don’t force your son or daughter to study all day long. It can only worsen the situation.

If your child has a healthy diet, sleeps well, and has enough time for his favorite activities, he will cope with the stress easily and get good grades. So don’t hesitate to apply these tips to help your kid survive the finals week.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: February 1, 2019

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