Covid-19 tested positive

What to do if you have suspected or confirmed for COVID-19

The increased number of sick people and deaths in every part of the world making pandemic Covid notorious. People are reporting more positive cases than before. On social media and TV channels we hear and see experiences of those who tested positive and asymptomatic for the disease, those who tested positive, fell sick and recovered

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Food choice for psoriasis

Food Choice For Psoriasis Condition

Psoriasis is a chronic condition occurs in people due to several reasons including an overactive immune system. Sometimes chronic body inflammation might cause psoriasis symptoms like red plaques, itchiness, red skin spots on skin surface.

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Returning to work post covid-19

Returning To Work Post Covid-19? Do’s And Don’t

Depending upon the severity of Covid-19 pandemic, many countries are opening in stages and employees started returning to work.

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Lockdown and Mental illness

Health tips to protect mental health during lockdown

While we all are under quarantine to beat Covid-19, let us plan on keeping ourselves mentally and physically fit. Let us not succumb to anxiety, depression and unwanted negative thoughts

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Covid-19 recovery Hydration & Nutrition

Fight Covid-19 with proper Hydration and Nutrition

To fight Covid-19 and to recover fast from the disease we need two key weapons. These two weapons that help us fight the deadly Covid-19 are hydration and nutrition.

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Covid-19 Face mask care tips

Face mask care and wearing tips

Due to shortage of facial mask Governments and health officials are asking people to wear cloth face covering in public as precautions to protect against Covid-19.

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Disinfecting grocery, phone and mail

Should we disinfect groceries, phone, mail

Do we need to disinfect groceries, phone, keyboard, mail and take outs? Self-quarantine helps us to be safe. However, even after so much precautions taken care, still sometimes outside items can bring microbes inside home.

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Soap & water Vs. Hand sanitizer

Which one to use Hand sanitizer or soap water

In the current situation pharmacies and stores are shortage of hand sanitizers. Is hand sanitizer is better than soap water to maintain hygiene?

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